Direct Access Portal – LEX Diary Integration

6 Dec'16

What is DAP?

The Direct Access Portal (DAP) is a website that provides search facilities for those wishingto directly access the services of barristers
(without the delay and expense of applying through solicitors).
It is supported by the Bar Council, and as the ONLY official site of its kind, uniquely containing a definitive up-to-date list of qualified collaborating Direct Access barristers.

LEX integration:

The facility to enable DAP integration on a ‘Per-Barrister’ basis.

Chambers controls over how frequently LEX will update DAP.

The ability to select which appointment types will be classed as ‘unavailable’.

Options to decide the time of day to be updated, and how many days into the future the DAP diary will be updated.

PLEASE NOTE: There are additional charges for members wishing to link their LEX/DAP diaries.

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