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.Net Development

.Net is a state-of -the-art technological philosophy, the essence of which includes simplicity of project development, its guaranteed safe functionality and easy integration of any software into the Internet. .Net serves a basis for brand new programming languages that have already been worked out - ASP.Net (VB.Net), C# (C Sharp), J# (Java Sharp), etc.

Microsoft .NET is software that connects information, people, systems, and devices. It spans clients, servers, and developer tools, and consists of:

  • The .NET Framework 3.5, used for building and running all kinds of software, including Web-based applications, smart client applications, and XML Web services-components that facilitate integration by sharing data and functionality over a network through standard, platform-independent protocols such as XML (Extensible Markup Language), SOAP, and HTTP.
  • Developer tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 which provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for maximizing developer productivity with the .NET Framework.
  • A set of servers, including Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft SQL ServerT, and Microsoft BizTalk Server, that integrates, runs, operates, and manages Web services and Web-based applications.
  • Client software, such as Windows XP, Windows CE, and Microsoft Office XP, that helps developers deliver a deep and compelling user experience across a family of devices and existing products.

In the Industry

With the capabilities provided by the .NET Framework, we'll be 25% - 50% more productive in delivering new solutions. Every aspect of the software development life cycle is made easier, from the creation of user interfaces to debugging and deploying the solution.

"We get sub second page loads while handling thousands of page views a day. Compared with similar projects in the past, we're measuring deployment time in hours instead of weeks."

David Taylor, Development manager.

Bar Squared presents the following .Net development services:

  • Information and B2B portals;
  • Content Management and Decision Support systems;
  • Connected CRM applications;
  • eCommerce and eBusiness solutions;
  • Mobile connectivity;
  • Custom solutions development.

We provide the following benefits of .NET technology:

  • The programming process is simplified enabling rapid project development.
  • Active use of XML markup as a superstructure to HTTP (traffic level). XML is more tuned to program-to-program types of connection (i.e. client -server, server-server, client - client), but not to server-to-user types.
  • MS Passport Technology is perfect for unified user authorization.


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