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Websites & CMS Overview

Insight - Flair - Usability - Technology

At Bar Squared, content managed website design follows marketing insight. We understand that the web site is one means towards realising your overall marketing and branding objectives.

Our websites marry strategic insight to design flair and outstanding usability to cutting edge technology. Blend all these attributes together and the result is an intuitive, beautiful and superbly engineered web site.

Most websites are regularly out-of-date with stale content that harms the company's image. Bar Squared's CMS (Content Managed Site) solution is wonderfully easy to use and update. It's flexible and is suitable for all projects. Its scalability means it works for small, medium and enterprise organisations and can handle the most demanding needs of the Internet.

Consider the large-scale operation, with numerous departments, each with team members with a particular area of expertise, eager to publish their knowledge on the corporate website. Bar Squared CMS allows each team member to author content, and post it to the application for approval. Only when the content is 'published' by a 'content approver' - a departmental head, for example - will the newly authored material be made available to website visitors. An audit trail makes it possible to track changes made to documents as they pass through the approval chain - so corrections can be checked for accuracy at any stage.

Content management allows website owners to schedule when material is published for, and removed from, public view.

Online Updating

Bar Squared CMS is a web-based application. It requires no installation of software on the client's PC, thus ensuring implementation is cost-effective and simple to roll out.

CMS solutions should be really easy to use, otherwise busy staff will not take time to update content, and the retrieval of information has to be fast and intuitive. Bar Squared CMS requires no technical knowledge to be to update.

Search Engines

Be seen on the web through search engines with Bar Squared CMS. There are millions of websites around today about all manner of subjects, and one of the defining reasons why one website will do better than another is because the content appearing on it is regularly updated.

Having a traditional website means creating your new content then sending this over to your website designer and requesting this be updated on your site by manual coding. Naturally there will be a fee for this, and the update will be scheduled into the designer's workflow. With Bar Squared CMS, this process can be dramatically quicker, as content can be updated in-house. Not only are maintenance costs lowered, but your content will be fresh in both your customer's eyes, as well as demonstrating to the search engines that your site is topical and updated.

Advanced Meta Data can simply be edited through Bar Squared CMS, so you can really keep control of advanced search engine elements.

The Package

Once logged in to the administration area of your site, you have a varying degree of control over content such as images, text, links, files and multimedia. This may include adding new pages, administering site members, sending e-mail newsletters and changing web site colours.

The overall style of your CMS site is pre-defined by us specifically for you, with a custom web site design. This means that if you add new pages or content, it will have the right 'look and feel' by default. We do this by researching your company's needs and tailor making a web design solution rather than creating generic templates which you choose from. This makes updates to your website simple in terms of style, allowing your company to concentrate on the content rather than getting bogged down by design. You will also be able to have greater input into the design if you choose, with advanced editing features and the ability to add HTML into Bar Squared CMS.

Please call us for more information or a live demonstration of our applications.


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Experts in Website Applications, Software, Resource Booking, E-Commerce, Database Organisation, Web design, Online Applications, Diary Systems and Administration Tools.