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Project Manager

Using only a few clicks you will be able to see a complete picture of your project including resource allocation, completed and outstanding tasks, fixed and opened issues, status of customers' requests, employees/contractors timesheets and other valuable information. A variety of filters and sorting options will allow you to see certain tasks at a glance.

Multiple Project Roles

Project Manager .NET uses a multi-level permissions system based on the user's role in a project. Each role has different access rights enabling specific permissions to be granted, such as deleting the project or task, submitting a new request, assigning resources, etc.

Employees/Contractors Timesheets

Do you want to know exactly how your project members spent their working time? Our easy-to-use timesheets will help you. Each team member will select the project and task assigned to him, enter number of hours, specify the status of the task et voila! - you have all necessary data in real time.

Progress Tracking

Our Project Manager has a built-in progress tracker. You can use it for tracking internal issues or for client support. Once an issue is raised, it is automatically converted to a task and assigned to a member of the project team. Track how many hours were spent on each issue and compare actual and estimated time scales.

Hierarchical Projects and Issues

Our system allows you to have an unlimited number of projects and issues with as many sub-levels of hierarchy as you need. You can split large tasks into small ones, assign deadlines and team members, specify estimated durations and activity categories.

Customers Requests Tracking

Project Manager allows you to keep track of all customer requests. Either a customer or a project manager can submit these requests. All hours spent on the tasks that are out of the original specification scope will be logged separately and this data can be linked to your billing system.

Message boards

Attaching discussion threads to issues improves communication and interaction between internal and external project members.

Files Upload

Dont waste time browsing innumerable emails, attach and access all relevant files directly from the project

Multiple reports and statistics

Bar Squared Project Manager provides a collection of ready to use reports showing all aspects of the project development process at a glance. View a summary for all projects, resource workloads, team member timesheets, estimated time vs. actual time and issue and request statistics. Flexible filters make it easy to see relevant information.

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