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LEX doX: Automatic - Encrypted - Paperless
Document Management Solution

‘We’re Going Paperless’ is a phrase that can be heard reverberating around the conference rooms and corridors of businesses up and down the country. Banks, Insurance Companies, Local Authorities, Government Departments, Regulatory Bodies, Prosecution Authorities and many other entities, are all moving towards digital methods of working. Concerns over data security and the cost of storing huge volumes of physical files, are forcing business to re-think their traditional models and ditch their marriage to traditional paper files.

To remain competitive, Chambers have to adapt their own practices to embrace the changes seen in the way others operate around them.

To manage digital case files effectively Chambers must:

  • Have the facilities to ‘securely’ receive digital case files
  • Have sufficient resources to ‘securely’ store a large volume of digital information
  • Have ‘secure’ methods in place for the transfer of such files between members of their Chambers and staff
  • Maintain quick and easy access to the ‘secured’ digital information, both ‘on’ and ‘off’ line

At Bar Squared, our aim is to support the evolution of Chambers by the creation of innovative software systems.

LEXdoX is our answer to Chambers Secure Digital Document Management requirements. LEXdoX directly addresses Chambers requirements and involves no additional infrastructure upgrades:

  • Allows invited clients to upload documents directly into a secure cloud-based storage facility using LEXdoX Postbox
  • LEXdoX can be hosted on our secure/UK based servers, compliant with the Ministry Of Justice strict document storage requirements
  • Automatically encrypts documents before storing/transmitting them using FIPS140-2 encryption standards
  • LEXdoX provides ‘off-line’ access to all encrypted documents; so accessing documents in Court/conference/on-the-move, does not require internet access

If you are interested in learning more about our innovative Chambers Secure Document Management Solution, please call 0116 272 5000 or email darren@barsquared.com for further information.

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Experts in Website Applications, Software, Resource Booking, E-Commerce, Database Organisation, Web design, Online Applications, Diary Systems and Administration Tools.