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LEX™ Chambers Management

From blank canvas to masterpiece, born from the union of a groundbreaking .Net development team and industry expertise, LEX is the only browser-based Microsoft.NET solution available to barristers' chambers. An unparalleled solution for clerks and barristers, LEX is packed with features to ease the day to day workload in chambers. Whether you require wide-ranging reporting capabilities, outstanding levels of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or simply an all-encompassing easy-to-use application, Bar Squared have the solution.

Below is just a few of LEX's key features:


Automatically manage fee chasing and case events using LEX workflow, thus alleviating the need for clerks and fees clerks to work through arduous task lists on a daily basis. LEX processes actions ranging from on-event document production (acknowledgement & client care letters) to fee chasing runs, on an overnight procedure.

LEX Workflow can be tailored to individual client needs using 7 criteria; Case Type, Case Funding Type, Court Type, Representation Type, Company, Contact and Barrister.

What's more, LEX will generate copy claim forms automatically in the overnight processing enabling you to chase Crown Courts and CPS offices for outstanding fees more effectively.


LEX offers full integration with Microsoft Word and Excel. Users may export all reports to Excel and utilise its powerful tools to manipulate data for presentation in management meetings.


Streamline the management of CFA cases using the CFA suite. Automatically generate risk assessments and subsequent agreements. Then let LEX monitor case progression so you don't have to.


Our superior brief management functionality enables clerks to monitor briefs arriving and changing hands in relation to individual appointments and on a case basis as a whole. Clerks use this area to record the receipt and dispatch of Instructions and further papers. Users may also monitor the arrival, custody and return of sensitive material in accordance with the requirements of Quality Mark. In addition to this unique feature, LEX includes an option to automatically generate notifications to barristers when each or any of these items arrive in Chambers for them so they don't go to Court unaware of their existence.


In response to the proposed amendment to the Code of Conduct that will impose a requirement on all Chambers to record time spent on work undertaken by their barristers, we forecast delivery of an application to Chambers this year. Following successful deployment of the LEX version of the time recording suite, we intend to produce a stand-alone mobile version containing live cases for barristers to record time whilst between appointments.


LEX is the only Chambers management solution that offers all the benefits of a fully integrated document management suite. LEX document management comes complete with version control which enables you to make changes to documents without losing the original. You may also revert to a previous version at any time.


In today's highly competitive market place, this feature is a must have for Chambers. Our event and campaign marketing suite enables Chambers to report on there core data as well providing the ability to create detailed marketing list, mailshots and to further monitor the response to programmes such as seminars etc.


LEX has the most advanced Carter Billing system available. Clerks can automatically bill all hearings and conferences funded under the 2007 Criminal Defence Service funding order saving clerks' valuable time.

Legacy to LEX..Immediately!

Our extensive industry knowledge and experience of data migrations will mean your transfer is seamless and smooth. With several versions immediately available; single user, single location, multi-location and hosted environment, Bar Squared are serious about LAW...that's LEX.

Please call us for more information or a live demonstration of our applications.


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