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After months of development, in collaboration with our IT Partners,
we're proud to announce the integration of LEX Case Documents with
Citrix ShareFile: a secure cloud based file sharing,
storage, and collaboration service - built for business.

LEX Integration with Citrix ShareFile
provided in partnership with

This powerful new feature will help your Chambers to:

  • Comply with GDPR, and ensure your document management processes meet
    the highest level of data security standards
  • Achieve cost & efficiency savings by offering increased digital working
    capabilities to your Barristers
  • Offer better service to your clients


File Sync & Secure mobile access any time anywhere

  • Save files once, and they're automatically synced to the cloud, so you'll
    always be working with the most accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Reduce time spent on uploading and downloading files
  • Get to your files, where and when you need them.
  • Use ShareFile on your iOS, Android, Windows device to access,
    share, request and edit files from anywhere.
  • ShareFile offers selective sync settings so you can choose only
    the folders and subfolders you'd like to sync across devices.
  • Lock and wipe data remotely from any lost or stolen device to
    keep your data safe no matter what happens.

LEX Integration: Accessing ShareFile through your LEX login saves time
by making it even quicker to get the right documents to the right barristers & clients.

Secure File Sharing - A better way to exchange data at work

  • Get industry-leading encryption to protect your emails and attachments
  • Get files from here to there with less work and more data protection,
    as files are kept secure in storage and during transfers
  • Use customizable security settings to control who can see and access your files
  • Trust state-of-the-art UK based data centers for secure sharing and storage

LEX Integration: Use LEX to automate the creation of 'Case Folders'
within ShareFile ' making the sharing of case documentation between
barristers/clerks/clients instant and secure.

ShareFile Portals - Offer employees, clients, vendors, and
others a secure way to upload files online

  • Put a secure file upload form on your website / email footer
  • Give clients and vendors a secure online portal to access and upload files
  • Impress your clients with custom branding
  • Add an 'unlimited' number of clients to ShareFile

LEX Integration: Let LEX create 'clients' for you in ShareFile, by using information
already stored against your LEX Contact Records.

Secure communication from ShareFile (including encrypted email)

  • Send up to 100GB in a single email and securely bypass
    file-size restrictions / eliminate bounce-backs
  • Keeps files secure in storage and during transfers
  • Replace unreliable email attachments with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook and automatically convert any attachments to secure ShareFile links.
  • Send files up to 10GB right from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Encrypt the body of your email message ' not just attachments
  • Revoke access to attachments sent to incorrect recipients

LEX Integration: Combine with LEX Email Harvesting, and let LEX copy your email
behind the right case record automatically!

Use cloud storage for stronger, more efficient data security

  • Improve data security, access and reliability
  • Enable easier remote and mobile access
  • Save money compared to on-premises solutions
  • Send files up to 10GB right from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Encrypt the body of your email message ' not just attachments
  • Revoke access to attachments sent to incorrect recipients

LEX Integration: Choose whether to store documents in traditional
LEX folders, or move documents into the cloud, all directly within
existing LEX Case Doc functionality.

Online Viewing/Editing of Document Content

  • Preview documents online directly within ShareFile
  • With a compatible Office 365 account, edit documents online too!

LEX Integration: Move traditional LEX folder documents into ShareFile
and preview/edit/collaborate online in Office 365!

Collect e-signatures easily with ShareFile & Right Signature

  • Send documents for e-signature directly from your ShareFile account
  • Get documents sent back automatically to the correct folder
  • Never get documents back with incomplete fields
  • Reduce paperwork turnaround time by up to 93 percent

(Version 4.212.01 and above):

  • Automatic creation of 'Case Folders' in ShareFile by LEX.
  • ShareFile 'Case Folders' accessible through LEX Case Docs, no need to
    open two applications or remember two passwords!
  • Files/Folders can be manipulated (added, deleted, moved, copied) in LEX -
    as if working directly within ShareFile.
  • Authentication of Barrister/Clerk access to 'Case Folders'
    all controllable within LEX.
  • Automated creation of 'Clients' (linked to LEX Contact Records)
    and control of 'Client Access' to ShareFile 'Case Folders'.
  • Documents added in LEX automatically 'tagged' with detailed case
    information (title, reference, company, contact, court ref),
    all searchable directly within ShareFile.

And with LEX Integration it's even easier to manage case files,
get briefs to barristers, documents to clients for approval, and more!

Save Money  -  Save Time  -  Be Secure.

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