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Edict™ Mobile

Edict - our solicitor's solution now has the Edict Mobile extension as a configurable option. Edict mobile can now be accessed in two different ways - Synchronising with Microsoft Exchange so that appointments can be fed into each individual outlook diary AND secondly through instant internet access through any PDA that has access to the internet.

Edict Mobile Offers:

  • A full diary component allowing access to all items in the system, including past, current and future appointments.
  • Data entry screens allow entry of appointments straight into the Edict diary system from a PDA.
  • Advanced searching capabilities for companies and contacts held in Edict.
  • Data screens are fully enabled to take advantage of the features of the PDA, such as email straight from the displayed address and even click on a phone number to initiate a call with the contact.
  • Using a real-time connection to the Edict server you are assured of seeing the correct data however frequently it is changed either in chambers or modified by another Edict Mobile user.
  • Synchronised Appointment Data with Microsoft Exchange - Solicitors can view their own appointments within their own Microsoft Outlook Mobile Application/ Blackberry.

We believe the benefits of a real-time connection to the Edict server give solicitors a real advantage in a constantly changing market. Although don´t take our word for it, contact us to arrange a demonstration to view the full Edict system and the Edict Mobile extension today.

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