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13 DEC2016

Legal Aid Agency: Criminal Billing Online –
LEX Integration

Damien Breingan

LEX Version 4.210.01 and above,
now includes the facility to upload
Advocate Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS)
Criminal Claims directly into the
Legal Aid Agencies’ Criminal Billing Online system.

Users can now:

Directly upload claims for payment
into Criminal Billing Online, where they
will appear as ‘Draft Claims’.

Manage errors relating to failed
uploads and part-errored claims.

Manually set LEX Claims Statuses to mirror
statuses within Criminal Online Billing,
for management outside of the LAA’s system.

Please contact our support team on 0116 272 5015 or via, for more information on this feature.

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Legal, Aid ,Agency, Criminal, Billing, Online, LEX, Integration