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10 Apr2015

Radcliffe Chambers Dis-Connected

Fiona Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Radcliffe Chambers

A first-hand experience of switching from MLC to LEX from Fiona Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Radcliffe Chambers

Over the years I have had a great deal of experience in switching software systems to improve business processes, save time and generate an increase in income. I am happy to share my experience of replacing Meridian Law Connected (Advanced Legal), which Radcliffe Chambers had used for some nine years, with LEX.

The decision

First of all, perhaps I should share the fact that the decision was not taken lightly, nor did it happen quickly. Indeed I was not in chambers when the original decision was taken to change. I came to chambers two months before the planned implementation.

After much deliberation chambers reached the conclusion that the pain that we anticipated of going through a new system implementation and re-training the staff and members, together with the cost, would out balance the easy decision of staying put.

What happened next?

Previously, as part of software projects, Iíve experienced at least some loss of time on the actual switch over week from several hours to many days. This didnít happen with LEX.

Six months down the line, the painless implementation of LEX and the instant benefits the switch over has delivered have far exceeded my expectations.

The process of converting from MLC to LEX was tested some weeks prior to the day we were due to go live. Both the team at Bar Squared and at Radcliffe had a chance to check the integrity of the data conversion. In fact, our LEX training program utilised this test data, so we had a great introduction to LEX using data that we knew and understood.

Bar Squared were able to allow the clerks to use MLC right up until the end of the final day and then performed an out of working hourís data transfer. This meant the LEX system, with all of our data, was ready first thing on the following working day. With training completed during the final days of MLC, we were all ready for that first day on LEX.

What a breath of fresh air to have a supplier that was able to exceed my expectations. But that was only the first bit of good news.


Real benefits have come from using LEX. Processes that took the clerks many hours each day are now performed automatically by LEX. The amount of time saving LEX has provided is incalculable, but it is both substantial and noticeable at the end of the day in the clerkís room.

LEX has also got a fabulous marketing system and importantly it is one that is easy to use and completely integrated. Comparing this with the long winded processes we had to wade through previously, the comparison is chalk and cheese. We have obviously had to put in significant effort in getting the database correct and that will always be an ongoing task but one very worthwhile.

I wait with anticipation to see the new Interactive Marketing facility that the Bar Squared team has been developing.

Working together

Finally Iíd like to comment on the team at Bar Squared. When you buy a great product, if the after sales experience is poor, with support and training staff that are inexperienced, then it is impossible to get anything but a mediocre implementation.

Our experience of the delivery, support and development teams at Bar Squared is a very positive one. They take the time to understand our business processes and configure the LEX system to deliver what we require. Support is always attentive and prompt and new development has arrived thick and fast. The support team genuinely know what they are talking about and therefore we get fast results.

Thank you Bar Squared and long may this working relationship continue.

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