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28 Jan2015

Legal Aid Agency CCMS XML Bulk Upload Update

Helen Ford

UPDATE: For any chambers claiming Family/Civil Legal Aid fees.

Mandatory utilisation of CCMS from 1 October 2015 has been announced by the LAA this week.

We have been working with the LAA Software Vendor Support team for a considerable period developing a bulk upload facility that will upload LEX Family and Civil Legal Aid Claims to the CCMS Portal without clerks having to enter claims twice.

Some further enhancements have been released by the LAA resulting in some minor amendments to the LEX Bulk Upload module before it goes on general release. We expect further testing with the pilot group of four sets, who have been working with us and the LAA since early Summer 2014 to test and refine the process, will be complete by the end of February and on conclusion we will announce a general release date.

Whilst the new feature will be issued along with a User Guide, we will be running some training sessions to assist in the transition during March, April and May. We will be sending out invitations to join one of these sessions shortly.

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