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01 AUG2014

Updated civil forms introduced from 4th August 2014

Mike Armitage

The LAA are releasing updated versions of civil legal aid forms which are for use from 4th August 2014.

New versions of both the CIV CLAIM 5 and CIV CLAIM 5A forms are included, which will affect chambers using LEX Chambers Management who do either FGF or FAS work.

The new forms are already available in LEX version 4.170.01 or later. Chambers already on the correct version will find that the forms automatically start being used on 4th August 2014. Chambers who are on a version prior to 4.170.01 should contact support for an upgrade.

Though the forms will be usable from 4th August 2014, the LAA have said they will not be mandatory until 1st September 2014.

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