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10 MAR2014

The new LEX Marketing Platform

Jonathan Maskew

"easy to use and understand, uses chambers intelligence more intelligently ... the platform is simply brilliant"

Jonathan Maskew - Consultant to Chambers

My career in the Chambers environment has spanned over 25 years and I have been involved in a range of business development and marketing initiatives often with the aid of third party software and spreadsheets. On many occasions it has left me frustrated at the thought of not being able to fully utilise all the intelligence and data within the chambers software package that has diligently been inserted with a view to measuring the return on investment from a range of activities undertaken.

On occasions I have reviewed a whole year of chambers "client contact activity", relying upon a combination of spreadsheets, the use of third party software and other data. Whilst the analysis always proved very useful it was difficult to assess the return on investment other than a general trend or increase in instructions or perhaps income for a particular practice group or chambers generally. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that many chambers make general assumptions based on hearsay of members as to if they were busy or not rather than providing reliable and valid data to measure the true success.

"Client relationship management" has always played a key part in chambers business and strategy plans and the combination of understanding, buy-in and involvement from all in chambers is vital of course. However, in my experience members and staff alike are sometimes disgruntled because they didn't see a list of those invited to a particular event for example or that an identified "key" client was "not on the list" without much more than an apology that the "system" didn't pick their name up.

Whilst the software providers have worked incredibly hard to ensure that their products are used much more extensively as a business tool and more than a combined diary and case management system there has been a growing need for them to understand the changing needs of chambers particularly with the marketing functionality.

Well, and not before time, all that is about to change and in my view it is going to add real value and an investment for those Chambers using the LEX software.

At the kind request of Directors Helen Ford and David Connolly I was invited to review their newly developed "LEX Marketing Platform" following many months of development and hard work.

Instantly clear was there passion and understanding of how the marketing and business development functions have developed for chambers over the years, in particular the ever changing digital age and increasing use of email which we must all embrace.

The platform is clever, it acknowledges and allows you to be involved in the process even if you are a CEO, Director, Senior Clerk or Practice Manager at management level, a barrister viewing, or a marketing assistant at the coal face operating the platform on a day-to-day basis.

It has a fantastic multifunctional capacity that is bound to add huge value to the various roles, so whether it’s used for an e-shot, newsletters, seminars, social functions or one of many other activities it makes for a sound business case to invest in it.

In short and as an example, for an event it allows you to:

  • Manage and compile client lists
  • Email clients
  • Check who has received email
  • Check who has replied and is attending
  • Add clients
  • Update the client contact records automatically

No longer will there be a need for the cross referencing and checking of spreadsheets, third party software, emails etc, it brings all the intelligence together and automatically updates the client records, all in one easy to find shared location.

Where access allows, you can review the data at any stage including running reports on any specific activity or event to measure the increase or otherwise of work streams before and after.

It is easy to use and understand, uses chambers intelligence more intelligently.... the platform is simply brilliant.

Don't take my word for it and don’t get left behind, make the effort to arrange a demo.

Perfect timing as the LEX team are due to open a London office on Bedford Row very soon.


Jonathan Maskew has been involved in the management and business development of barristers’ chambers for 25 years; from a junior clerk, to senior clerk and as Chambers Director. He is currently spearheading myBARRISTER, a new portal to help chambers obtain direct access instruction online. Email jm@mybarrister.co.uk


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