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03 MAR2014

LEX support for Internet Explorer 8 is ending

Justin Elliott-Neal

To focus on supporting modern browsers, we are deprecating official compatibility of LEX Chambers Management with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) as of version 4.151.07.

We have made this decision as Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014 XP being the only remaining Microsoft operating system (OS) that cannot support browsers above IE8. This will enable us to accelerate the pace at which we can innovate new product features and to facilitate adoption of newer web technologies. Our ultimate goal is to provide a superior user experience to every LEX user.

For customers running Windows XP, we strongly advise you begin preparing and implementing plans to upgrade your OS before Microsoft ends support on 8 April 2014. As well as the restriction on using newer versions of IE, Windows XP will be vulnerable to security risks and viruses after withdrawal of support. For more information follow this link http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/end-support-help

If you choose to upgrade to the latest version of LEX whilst running Windows XP you may do so but we recommend you install Google Chrome until its convenient to upgrade your OS. To use the latest features in LEX we recommend running the following browsers: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you are unsure of the browser version and OS you are using then please contact your Chambers IT Support department/company before requesting the latest upgrade of LEX.


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Lex, Internet, Explorer, 8