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10 MAR2014

LEX Cost Management (Precedent H)

Helen Ford

We continue to develop and release changes that are designed to streamline the way in which chambers operate. This onerous task is achieved in conjunction with a number of LEX clerk users who we call upon, from time to time, to provide feedback on our development plans and valuable insight into the profession. The past 18 months have seen development in LEX to introduce Contractual Terms Management, Ethnicity & Diversity Monitoring and Costs Management.

A member of our team of clerks is Jon Robinson, Deputy Senior Clerk and Head of Business Operations at 4 Pump Court , who said

"The costs management changes that came into force on 1 April 2013 are here to stay and affect an increasing number of our cases. The costs management functionality developed in LEX allows us to record case budgets for each barrister against the case record and to easily allocate work done against the various categories of work.

The summary produced directly from LEX allows us to keep our solicitors and clients regularly updated on costs incurred versus budgeted costs and makes managing case budgets much easier for everyone concerned. We have received positive feedback from our clients on the system and I do not know how we would have managed if we were
trying to do all of this manually."

4 Pump Court is a leading chambers with expertise in commercial, construction, energy, professional negligence, shipping, information technology and telecommunications work.


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LEX,Cost,Management,Precedent, H