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01 AUG2014

Changes to FAS Court Bundle bolt-on fee from 31st July 2014

Mike Armitage

The LAA have changed the way that the FAS Court Bundle bolt-on fee is claimed with immediate effect.

Previously the bolt-on was claimable whenever the size of the Court Bundle was over 350 pages. Under the new rules, the Court Bundle bolt-on will now be claimable when the Advocates Bundle (essentially a bundle containing only the relevant documents on the case) is over 350 pages.

Guidance from the LAA states that the Advocates Bundle may only include:

  • Those documents relevant to the case which have been served by the parties to the proceedings to which the hearing relates;
  • Notes of contact visits if included in the court bundle; and
  • A paginated index agreed by the parties to those proceedings.

Advocates must also include a written explanation of how the documents included in the bundle are relevant and necessary to the case, which is submitted along with the Advocates Attendance Form.

A new version of the Advocates Attendance Form has also been produced, which reflects the Advocates Bundle changes. As we had very little notice of these changes we will be packaging the new Advocates Form in to the next LEX release. In the meantime if any chambers need the new Advocates Form they should contact LEX Support.

Training material has been made available by the LAA, available from this link.

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