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07 JAN2014

Legal Aid Agency CCMS XML Bulk Upload Delay

Mike Armitage

UPDATE: For any chambers doing Family/Civil Legal Aid, CCMS is still set to roll out from 20th January.

Unfortunately the LAA have still not provided Software Vendors with an adequate test platform for XML bulk upload, due to technical issues at their end. The LAA have therefore said that XML bulk upload will not be available in CCMS by the 20th January. Currently we have no ETA on when testing will resume, and therefore can give no ETA to chambers as to when XML upload will be available from LEX.

This means that any Counsel claims will need to be entered manually from 20th January where the Solicitor firm has entered their claim on CCMS. If the Solicitor firm has not entered the claim on CCMS then a paper claim may still be made.

Any Chambers who will need to use CCMS and have not yet had training on how to enter claims would be advised to view the online training guides on the LAA website.

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Legal, Aid,Agency,CCMS, XML, Bulk, Upload, Delay