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03 OCT2012

Bar Squared unleashes LEX Multi-Currency Billing

Justin Elliott-Neal

Multi-Currency Billing has always been a difficult process to manage within chambers, until now! With our brand new Multi-Currency module, LEX makes it simple and easy to bill and report in multiple currencies.

LEX Multi-Currency Features:

  • Generate Invoices in any currency
  • Assign individual currencies to cases/companies
  • Store currency rates and fluctuations
  • Generate EC sales tax reports
  • Display both GBP and billing currency within the fee grid
  • Automatic calculations of currency fluctuations (loss or gain on exchange rate changes)
  • Run Reports in your chosen currency with GBP values shown alongside.

For further information about LEX Multi-Currency Billing contact or call us on 0116 272 5000 to arrange a demonstration.

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Multi,Currency,Billing,BAR, SQUARED, LEX, barrister,software