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22 AUG2012

Introducing the LEX iPhone App

Justin Elliott-Neal

Built by the team of in-house developers and designed specifically for Barristers and Clerks, Bar Squared is proud to announce the launch of the LEX iPhone App. Released on the 28th July, the Bar Squared team have been busy setting up and rolling out access to the App.


At Bar Squared we realise that access to information on the move is more important than ever before. With this in mind we have developed an iPhone App that enables our users to access information they need quickly, with minimal effort and distraction. So weíve included these time-saving features:

  • Instant access to diary bookings in LEX
  • Availability view of barristersí diaries*
  • Access to Company/Contact Records
  • Access to maps from Company/Contact records
  • Instant phone call integration
  • Instant email integration
  • Access to paperwork deadlines
"We are very excited to announce our iPhone App to the barrister market - the first of its kind available to barristers and clerks. Itís already being used by over 10% of our user base. We even use it in-house for our own up-to-date diary and contact information Ė itís an invaluable asset!" Justin Elliott-Neal, Senior UX Designer

The LEX App** must be enabled for chambers by a member of staff at Bar Squared before it is available for users. Please make sure that you have requested this service to be enabled before trying to login to the app for the first time - this service only needs to be enabled once for the whole of chambers.

LEX iPhone App Support Offer - Only £12 + vat annual support per user for sign-up's before the 31st October 2012 (thereafter £36 + vat).

For more information regarding the LEX iPhone App or LEX Chambers Management please call 0116 272 5000 for more information or email our sales team at sales@barsquared.com

* Clerks only
** Available in LEX 4.106.06 or above, if securely available via the web (https).

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2, Hare, Court, experience, painless, move, LEX, Hosted, service, BAR, SQUARED, 2012