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14 AUG2012

Secure Document Management

The Crown Prosecution Service is currently rolling out the introduction of Digital Case Files
(to replace traditional paper instructions)

This move is part of a wider scheme called the CJS Efficiency Programme, which aims to reduce costs within the entire Criminal Justice System (CJS) (forced by budget cuts due to the current economic climate). This phenomenon is not exclusive to the CJS; some Local Authorities and Regulatory Bodies are also moving more towards paperless working, and it is anticipated that other organisations will follow in time.

Most Chambers are already in some way accustomed to dealing with Digital Case Files. ‘All’ CPS Advocates are required to utilise the CJSM Secure Email Service, through which they receive case information. As referred to above; some Local Authorities deliver papers via online secure file transfer solutions or deliver papers on some form of digital media. However, up until now, the volume of such digital information reaching Chambers has been small, and many Chambers have been happy to print documents, rather than securely store the digital information.

However, in future, a large proportion of certain Chambers instructions will begin to arrive in some sort of digital format. The cost of printing those documents (and of the space required to store them), means that those Chambers will most likely need to ensure they:

  • have the facilities to receive digital case files
  • have sufficient resources to ‘securely’ store a large volume of digital information
  • have secure methods of transferring such files between members of their Chambers
  • maintain quick and easy access to the secured digital information

The current CASEDOC section of LEX can provide an area to store digital case files and the logical extension to this functionality, LEXdOX means that Barristers can access documents even at locations without an internet connection.

LEXdOX will greatly assist Chambers with these requirements.

LEXdOX is the Solution!

Bar Squared is developing an application that can be installed on the laptop of a Barrister user. This creates an area on that laptop into which digital case files that are uploaded behind cases within the LEX application are ‘automatically’ copied. This happens the instant the file is uploaded into LEX providing the laptop has an active internet connection.

The location into which the LEXdOX will upload can be either a secure ‘hosted’ environment (provided by Bar Squared), or a specific LEXdOX file location held on the clients own server, which is separate to the current CASEDOC folder structure.

The fact that the LEXdOX are automatically copied to the Barrister users laptop via the LEXdOX application, removes any difficulties faced by Counsel needing access to crucial case documents when ‘offline’. The automatic transfer of the documents removes the requirement for the clerks to be involved in the secure transfer of centrally received documents out to Counsel. In essence, LEXdOX makes life easier for everyone!

Call us to today on 0116 272 5000 to organise a demo of LEXdOX or email sales@barsquared.com for further information

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2, Hare, Court, experience, painless, move, LEX, Hosted, service, BAR, SQUARED, 2012