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26 OCT2012

Scared of Windows 8? Not Us!

David Taylor

The new version of Windows for desktop and tablet computing has finally arrived. Not since the Rolling Stones pumped out Start Me Up on the original advert for Windows 95 has such a radical interface change taken place. Gone is the 17-year old Start Menu to be replaced by an application launch screen far removed from what PC users have experienced before.

The new Metro interface is designed to allow for easier touch screen interaction and gesture control more familiar to smartphone and tablet users, and coincides with the Surface tablet - which Microsoft hopes is the answer to Apple's current monopoly of the market with the massively successful iPad mobile device.

Whilst everyone has eagerly awaited the arrival of Windows 8, the developers at Bar Squared have been busy testing LEX with the new operating system, ensuring new machines in chambers will continue to run as expected. Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is pre-installed on Windows 8 in both standard and metro interface mode. Other aspects of the LEX application remain the same in both IE modes and will continue to function exactly as they do on your current Windows 7 or XP machine.

IE10 on Windows 8 has been successfully tested, and we will be testing IE10 on Windows 7 when it is released in November. The next version of Windows Server will also undergo rigorous testing to ensure that on launch day we are certified and ready to release LEX onto these platforms too.

The release of Windows 8 brings many challenges to users and network administrators having to support a radically different system but rest assured that Bar Squared and LEX are ready for the challenge.

For further information about LEX contact us at or call us on 0116 272 5000 to arrange a demonstration.

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Windows, 8, LEX, barrister,software