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14 AUG2012

2 Hare Court experience painless move to LEX Hosted service

From: Peter Blair
Sent: 28 July 2012
To: Helen Ford
Subject: LEX

Dear Helen

I wanted to put in writing my thanks for the way that our migration has gone. Having managed a few of these types of projects in the past, I was enormously impressed with the care that was taken, the attention to detail, the dedication of your staff and the excellence of the execution.

From the very first project meeting, I started to feel that matters were under control. Damien was keen to ensure that every aspect of our migration - including those for which he was not directly responsible - was planned carefully so that there would be no surprises at the last moment. In the run up to the go-live date, we had thorough training and spent considerable time discussing coding structures and default settings.

As you know, we had some difficulties in securing our data from IRIS, and this was another area in which the help we received from Bar Squared was invaluable. Your team acted as liaison during the hand over of the data which involved meetings in Manchester and London - and all through this process I was kept informed of progress. We had two Bar Squared staff on site for our first days using LEX during which almost all of the 'snagging list' of small issues was dealt with - and our staff and clerks were able to get immediate, expert, on-the-job help.

The new system is already proving its worth. Standard reports which seemed to take hours in Meridian are now available in seconds and so the production of our end of month reports appears to take almost a whole day less than before. The statistics available about clients and barristers are particularly helpful as are the dashboard charts.

All in all the project has been as painless as these things can be - due in the greatest part to the dedication and hard work of the Bar Squared team. I'd like to thank Damien Breingan in particular for organising such a trouble-free project.

Best wishes

Peter Blair
Chambers Director
2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court has long been recognised both nationally and internationally as one of the UKs leading sets of chambers specialising in criminal law, fraud, professional discipline, regulatory work and other related fields.

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2, Hare, Court, experience, painless, move, LEX, Hosted, service, BAR, SQUARED, 2012