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03 AUG2012

18 Red Lion Court acknowledge high level of customer service

From: Mark Bennett
Sent: 22 July 2012
To: Helen Ford
Subject: 18 Red Lion Court

Dear Helen

I just wanted to drop you a line with regard to the recent installation of the LEX system in chambers.

Having undergone various software upgrades in the past in my dealings with Meridian Law (IRIS) I was well aware of some of the issues that we might face in moving to a new fees system. However from the initial meeting with Nick Hartwell where he went through in detail the various stages of the process with me and prepared the groundwork for it I felt at ease with his knowledge of the LEX system. This instilled a sense of confidence that all would go well.

Although it is still early days, the switch over and data conversion appears to have gone smoothly and all my team have been happy with the hands on training received both at this site in London via Nick and in Chelmsford with Teresa. It was particularly noted by my team that the focus and aim of both Nick & Teresa was directed at trying to resolve issues, where possible making changes to the standard setup to accommodate our requests. This is a level of customer service that we have sadly become unaccustomed to over the years.

Our dealings with your help desk so far have been positive and the problems we have faced are primarily, I suspect, caused by our lack of experience in using the system. I would therefore be grateful if you would pass on to all of the team involved in the installation of our system our thanks and gratitude for all the help given.

Kind regards


Mark Bennett
Practice Director
18 Red Lion Court

Red Lion Court is one of the largest chambers in the country specialising in the practice of criminal law. Chamber's members include over 20 Queen’s Counsel, Crown Court Recorders, Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office Standing Counsel, and Treasury Counsel.

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18, Red, Lion, Court, acknowledge ,high, level,customer, service, BAR, SQUARED, LEX, 2012